November = No excuses


This month is special. So many opportunities I couldn’t imagine I’d ever have! It’s been a month and a half since I quit my job and it seems like God is trying to show out in my life. I honestly expected things to go well but I didn’t think it would come around so quickly.

But… There is a but.  I can’t continue without being a little more  transparent.  Some things are moving in my life but some things are not! Like not going anywhere at all.

Quiting your job means no consistent money. It means I can’t go shopping the way I used to. No more going out (like I ever did anyway) eating out and pretty much having a social life (didn’t have much of that either).

 I could sit around and sulk in my despair  and complain about what isn’t going well…. Or, I can be grateful for what is moving and happening in my life!

I feel like I literally have no excuses to not be successful, to not pursue my goals and aspirations. I don’t have any excuse to not Trust God and believe He is going to do what He said. I will not make an excuse when things don’t go according to plan. I won’t allow myself to be discouraged for any reason!

November simply means no excuses for me because God has already proved himself! I will not doubt. I will not fear. I will be great. I will not have any excuses!

-Love Kish